Aint tryn to fuck

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Ain't Tryin' To Hear Aint tryn to fuck Lyrics Hook He say he want a quarter blow for the low But this go high, the streets dry so hit the door My nigga you gotta go 'Cause I ain't trying to hear that shit I ain't trying to hear that shit Yeeahh She say she wanna hit the room with your boy But then she broke, just wanna fuck What the fuck, fucking bitch you gotta go 'Cause I ain't trying to hear that shit I ain't trying to Images Of Drunk Cheerleaders that shit Yeeahh Verse 1 Minae done make dollars Minae done make cents If we ain't talking about cash Then we ain't talking about shit Everyday not promising, I'm getting money and ball Take care of your family, take care of your dogs Ain't no use in just doing stupid shit because you can Why just be Aint tryn to fuck doughboy when you can be the big man? In this song he talks about the trap life.
I Ain't Tryin' to Hear That Lyrics Mnmsta Now it's mandatory Big Amature Ass Pics I touch bases on this subject And I don't really care who gets offended or upset About these females and their attitude towards us Some act stuck up, others try to ignore us But me, I ain't with that funny style shit When it comes to these hoes I Aint tryn to fuck 'em know from the git I ain't trying what you want or you Aint tryn to fuck that you deserve a Bitch slow your roll before you go any further The name's Mster, baby and I'm smooth as silk sheets Game comes out the mouth everytime that I speak So back up, cause all I got is one thing in mind If you ain't on top, then I'ma hit it from behind Cause I been macking hoes since day one, get the picture I holla at your homegirl if I see she's thicker That's the problem oh hell I'm just tryin to kick me a fact Save that attitude for someone else Mnmsta - Chorus Cause I ain't tryin' Aint tryn to fuck hear that You need what? I try so hard to get rich I ain't thinking about no bitch Because when I through smashing her, I'm like What did I get?
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I ain't tryin' to hear that Check Aint tryn to fuck out I ain't tryin' to hear that Say what say what say what I ain't tryin' to hear that Whatever Bitch, I ain't tryin' to hear that Yeah, I did what? I ain't tryin' to hear that Uhm Bitch, I ain't tryin' to hear that Who seen me?
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Walk in My Shoes G-Mix.
Mnmsta – I Ain't Tryin' to Hear That Lyrics
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