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Got Decide spank time get
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Got Decide spank time get
The one tool we definitely advise against is a wooden spoon because we have seen bodily injury result from this club-like instrument.
Got Decide spank time get
But nearly 40 moms have gone a step further, recording themselves hitting and slapping their kids as part of a new study on how parents and children interact.
Got Decide spank time get
Together, my quick-tempered 6-year-old and I have agreed to place our hands on our bellies — a technique she learned in kindergarten — to calm ourselves.
Got Decide spank time get
The First Real-Time Study of Parents Spanking Their Kids
Got Decide spank time get
Do you generally feel connected to your child?
Got Decide spank time get
This preprogramming against spanking will override the reflex to smack a child, and give us time to think about what type of correction is best in this situation. It was three or four times for our daughter, maybe once or twice for our son.
Got Decide spank time get
Researchers have to be careful when presenting their proposed area of study to potential participants — too much information can lead people to alter their normal behavior, which would skew results.
Got Decide spank time get
8 Admonitions to Parents Who Chose to Spank
Got Decide spank time get
If you are an angry person given to impulsive hitting, realize you are at risk for spanking abusively and dangerously. Lauren is our family monkey; she is always climbing on things.
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