Defense threat reduction agency penetration conference HD

Added: 28.02.2018

Duration: 1:25

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Paving a Path to Innovation.
The system without its cargo is desired, but not required, to weigh lbs or less. His research group is focused on nanofabrication techniques translated from the semiconductor industry that enables the manufacture of highly uniform nanoparticles with precise size and shape.
To develop low-cost, FDA-cleared toxic chemical neutralizing countermeasures for use on abraded skin or whole body. Therefore, the working surface does not have to be specially prepared before the next layer can be produced see Videowhich saves a lot of time.
The specific timing of medical countermeasure application is at the discretion of the offeror but should be no sooner than the onset of encephalitis symptoms. Awards are subject to the availability of funding and successful completion of contract negotiations.
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